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The Reverend William H. Hubbard was the founder of The Hubbard Press in 1911. He began to print offering envelopes as the cost of offering envelopes was prohibitively high for most churches and not always suited for all the churches’ needs.

The first Hubbard Press plant was situated in a bowling alley used by the students of Auburn Theological Seminary. Here Dr. Hubbard produced offering envelopes, doing most of the work himself. He was assisted by students of the Seminary. When he died in 1913, his widow turned the successfully functioning business over to the Presbyterian Church in Louisville Kentucky where it is located today.

Hubbard Press specializes in boxed sets custom designed for your church. We also offer a variety of offering solutions to go along with your boxed sets. With our state of the art equipment we can service the needs of both large and small churches alike.

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